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Wilmington Community Gardens

Community gardens are a great way to enjoy the pleasure of communing with nature and growing your own food. They provide people in urban areas with a plot for growing and others, who may be more fortunate in the area of land, to bond with other gardeners. Many of Wilmington’s community gardens exist in the downtown area, where building and planning hasn’t really allowed for extensive green spaces. Over the past few years, the City of Wilmington has become more garden-friendly, permitting the building of community gardens in city parks.

Planting Seeds

Below is a list of public community gardens in Wilmington. These are gardens that welcome the public to participate. For many, it’s area neighbors that maintain and harvest the plots, the excess being donated to local food banks. There are other community style gardens ran by churches and private organizations, but they’re only open to their members, so we have not included those here. They can be viewed at the North Carolina Community Gardens Directory.

Each community garden has its own manager and set of rules. Some may be first come, first served. Others may require you to be vetted before you’re allowed to participate. They may even require a yearly or monthly fee to help pay for amenities onsite. Each garden has a limited number of plots. 10-30 plots is common, but some may be less than 10. It’s important to call the manager to see how it works.

Public Gardens

Annie Nixon Community Garden

Location: 904 Dock St.

Plants: Vegetables & Herbs

Type: Public

Managed by: Wilmington Green – 910-240-4929


Castle Street Community Garden

Location: 317 Castle St

Plants: Vegetables & Herbs

Type: Private Land – Public/Neighborhood Garden

Managed by: Kathryn Sisler – 908-670-1590


Portia Mills Hines Park

Location: 400 N. 10th Street

Plants: Vegetables & Flowers

Type: Public

Managed by: Do you know? Leave a comment!


The Strong Roots Community Garden

Location: 1125 North 4th Street

Plants: Vegetables & Herbs

Type: Public

Managed by: Savanna Mitchell – 828-817-0048


Third and Wooster Community Garden

Location: 718 South 3rd St.

Plants: Vegetables & Herbs

Type: Youth Garden

Managed by: Wilmington Green – 910-240-4929


Watering the Garden

A few of the schools in New Hanover County have gardens. They provide a calming learning experience and provide food for kids who may be lacking proper nutrition. Parents may find this information interesting when choosing a school. For the public, it’s important to know that these gardens are for staff and students only, and access may be determined by class enrollment.

Schools with Gardens (Serves Students and Staff Only)

Bellamy Elementary School Garden

Location: 70 Sanders Road

Plants: Vegetables

School website: Bellamy Elementary School


Island Montessori Charter School

Location: 6339 Carolina Beach Road

Plants: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, & Herbs

School website: Island Montessori Charter School


Snipes Academy School Garden

Location: 2150 Chestnut St

Plants: Vegetables & Fruits

School website: Snipes Academy of Arts and Design


The Gardens at Wrightsboro Elementary

Location: 1-65 Sheridan Drive

Plants: Vegetables & Fruits

School website: Wrightsboro Elementary School


Do you know of a community garden that isn’t listed here? Please share it in the comments. Also, let us know if you’ve participated in any of the Wilmington area community gardens. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

Is your neighborhood interested in starting a community garden for non-commercial use on city-owned land, like a neighborhood park? You can apply here. For New Hanover County properties outside of the City of Wilmington, you can direct all questions to NHC Parks & Gardens.


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