12 Color Palettes Inspired by Autumn
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12 Color Palettes Inspired by Autumn

When autumn descends, temperatures cool, but the colors around us heat up. That’s why fall is a great time of year to draw inspiration for a warm color palette – envy inducing golds, reds, coppers, and oranges, even rich mahoganies. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next room makeover or furniture refurb, we’ve compiled a collection of 12 color palettes inspired by some our favorite features of fall.

Sunshine on Fallen Leaves

Afternoon Shine.jpg


Squirrels Gathering Autumn Acorns

Autum Acorns.jpg


Transitions That Make Way for Growth



Walks in Cool Afternoons

Fall Day.jpg


Being Surrounded by “Gold”

Golden Rule.jpg


Enjoying the Green That Lingers

Heart of Fall


The Fall Color Tour

High Above


Autumnal Reflections

Orange You Happy It's Fall.jpg


Deep Reds…

Red Velvet Chocolate


…and Gorgeous Oranges



Fall Sunrises

Serene Sunrise


And, finally…The Cycle of Life

Tree of Life

Have you found a good autumn-inspired color palette? We welcome you to share it in the comments!

P.S. All of the colors here are courtesy of Sherwin-Williams. You too can create a personal color palette using ColorSnap.


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