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Join Our Tailwind Tribe!

If you are a blogger or an avid Pinterest user, and one of your main focuses is home themed pins, then we would love to have you join our Tailwind Tribe! What is a Tailwind Tribe? It’s a tool that allows groups of Pinterest users to bring together quality pins of similar topics in one place. They can then schedule those pins to post to Pinterest on their selected boards. This tool is currently in Alpha testing, but it’s free to use by anyone invited to a tribe. Here’s more info on our Tailwind Tribe:

Home Design & DIY

About this tribe:
This tribe is for pictures of homes (nice interiors/exteriors, room makeovers, and home trends) and DIY (renovation tips, furniture makeovers, decor projects, art projects, and holiday/seasonal decorating).

Tribe rules:
Please pin for every pin you post. If you don’t follow these rules, you’ll be removed.

If you’re interested in joining, CLICK HERE for the invite link.

For more info on Tailwind Tribes, here is a Quick Start Guide and the Knowledge Base.


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