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Pantone’s Color Predictions for Fall 2015

Do you keep up with the season’s color predictions? Pantone has been one of the major forecasters of color since 1963, sharing what they believe will be the trendsetters in home decor and fashion. They usually make their announcements prior to the change of seasons, so consumers will know what to expect in the coming months. They recently released their predictions for autumn 2015, and according to them, we’ll be seeing a lot of neutral Earthy tones and bold colors that are reminiscent of fall gardens.


Source: Logo Design Guru

Do you incorporate Pantone predictions into your seasonal decorating? I, honestly, don’t, because I tend to decorate according to what will affect my mood and that doesn’t always fall in line with what’s “in”. I also don’t change my decor according to the seasons, except when Christmas rolls around. I don’t have much room for storing extra accent pieces. However, if I need to purchase something, it’s good to know what color trends are coming. If the decor of the season is trending with colors I don’t like, I’ll wait until the next season rolls around.

But I do like the predictions for fall, because I like Earthy tones. What do you think?


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