Creative and Unique Flower Planters Made From Recycled Items
Homeowner Tips

Creative and Unique Flower Planters Made from Recycled Items

Tired of the old terra cotta and resin flower planters? It may be time to think outside the box (or pot, in this case)! When choosing a planter for your outdoor living space, you can create a “WOW” effect by recycling things around the home. To show what we mean, below are a few of our favorite creative and unique flower planters made from recycled items. Make sure you click on the source links. Many of them have instructions, so you can make them yourself!

Recycle a Drawer

The Barefoot Seamstress - Drawer Planter

Source: The Barefoot Seamstress

My Repurposed Life - Drawer Planters

Source: My Re-Purposed Life

Recycle the Whole Piece of Furniture

Hometalk - Sewing Cabinet Planter

Source: HomeTalk

The Garden Glove - Vanity Dresser Planter

Source: The Garden Glove

Recycle an Old Toolbox

The Garden Glove - Toolbox Planter

Source: The Garden Glove

The Gardening Cook - Old Toolbox Planter

Source: The Gardening Cook

Recycle an Old Mailbox

Second Chance to Dream - Mailbox Planter

Source: Second Chance to Dream

Hometalk - Mailbox Planter

Source: HomeTalk

Recycle Old Suitcases

Nanas Making Memories - Suitcase Planter

Source: Nana’s Making Memories

Studio 34 - Suitcase Planter

Source: Studio 34

Recycle Paint Cans

Centsational Girl - Paint Can Planter

Source: Centsational Girl

The Garden Glove - Paint Can Planter

Source: The Garden Glove

Recycle a Candleabra

Red Head Can Decorate - Candleabra Planter

Source: Red Head Can Decorate

Vicki Beckman - Candelabra Planter

Source: Vicki Beckman

Finally…Recycle Some Flip Flops

This lets you easily grab your herbs, so you can carry them into your kitchen when you’re ready to cook.

The Garden Cook - Flip Flop Planters

As you can see, old, used items are great for creating dynamic spaces outdoors. The key to making an old container work is making sure there are holes to allow for drainage. That is, if you’re putting plants in it that need to be watered often. Many plants don’t like to sit in water, so, if you don’t create a drainage point, you may end up with yellow leaves. If you need more pointers like this, check out Living Well: 7 Secrets for a Successful Container Garden.


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