DIY Sprinkler Ideas
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The Cameron Team’s Favorite DIY Sprinklers

It’s summer time, which means fun in the outdoors! If you have kids, you know all about the demand for entertainment, especially during the long days of summer break. But with help from a hose and a bit of ingenuity, having fun doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are some of our favorite DIY sprinklers!

The PVC Sprinkler from HomeSpun Threads

PVC Sprinkler

The Stand Up PVC (KidWash) Sprinkler from 4 Men 1 Lady

KidWash Sprinkler

The Bottle Sprinkler from Housing a Forest

Bottle Sprinkler

The Flower Shower from Event Horizons

Flower Shower

The Noodle Sprinkler from Ziggity Zoom

Noodle Sprinkler

The Kiddie Car Bike Wash from Mom Endeavors

Kiddie Car Wash

Of course, if you don’t have kids, you can always adapt the sprinklers for your garden!



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