Mrs Meyers Clean Day
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Which Natural Cleaning Product Do You Use?

Thanks to the internet, people have become more aware of the ingredients used in their favorite home cleaning products, which often contain harsh chemicals. When you have sensitive skin, kids that constantly stick things in their mouths, or pets with allergies, you need to be careful what products you use. So, many people have switched to natural cleaning products.

Our primary audience is homeowners or home buyers, so we wanted to create a collection of alternative cleaning products for you to check out. Here at The Cameron Team, we love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. The brand was designed by a mom and is made with naturally, plant-derived ingredients (instead of harsh chemicals). Plus, it smells AWESOME! They make everything from all-purpose cleaners to dryer sheets, and they have great scents like geranium and lemon verbena.

But we know there are some really great options out there if you want to make the switch to more natural, Earth-friendly, or green cleaners. If you know of a great recipe or product for an effective home cleaner, share it with us below in our link-up.


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