Wilmington Christmas Lights
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Touring Wilmington’s Christmas Lights

When I moved to Wilmington, I was surprised by how much people here get into the Christmas Spirit. I mean, it’s like Clark Griswold Christmas Spirit, especially if you know the best places to look. In general, Kings Grant, which has a reputation for decorations, and Marsh Oaks are two excellent communities to drive through. If you go through Marsh Oaks, you can drive over to Bayshore Estates to see decorations there too. But I usually rely on the web site Wilmington Christmas Lights for mapping out my yearly tour.

If you’re short on time, here are three MUST-SEES:

  1. Buckhurst Court in West Bay Estates – This is an amazing display put to music, which you can tune into on your radio. Definitely something to see!
  2. Buckhorn Court in Courtney Pines – The whole cul-de-sac does an AMAZING job decorating. They line the road with lights and even cover the large trees. It’s like Clark Griswold times ten. All the families gather out front around fire pits and one of the owners dresses up as Santa. So much fun!
  3. Springtime Road in Spring View – They’ve been decorating for years and they even open their house up to tours. See the picture to the right.

These three are great, but there are many to check out and trying to find the homes feels like a treasure hunt. If you’re looking for something free to get your family into the holiday spirit, loading them into the car and taking them for a drive around these Wilmington neighborhoods is a great idea!



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